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The VHS Tape

Source: Sphere of Influence Designing the mysterious VHS tape to look like it had 1) been inside a camcorder under thick underbrush deep in a forest for 28 years, and 2) been gently cleaned by the girl who found it was not easy.  There are design concerns to be...


Screenwriting Process

Source: Sphere of Influence Every script I write demands its own process.  Some stories demand that I go straight to Final Draft without any notes or outlines, others demand a great deal of preparation. Sphere of Influence is in the latter category.   It started by optioning the non-fiction material (more...


Website launched

Source: Sphere of Influence   Better late than never.   Stay tuned, because this blog will feature informative posts from Megan, our Production Designer, as well as from our Producers and the Director. Posts will cover the design process for some of the props used in the film, as...