BCP Produces Featurettes for Nickel Children DVD


Bring Chase Productions recently produced, shot and edited featurettes for the upcoming DVD release of Nashville director Kevin Eslinger's steampunk film Nickel Children.

in the spring of 2010, Nickel Children has been on the festival circuit for the past year, touring more than 50 festivals. Set in an alternate 19th century, dust bowl Kansas, a young boy witnesses his parent’s murder, and is forced to survive in an underground child fighting ring. Only the wealthiest are invited to attend these secret communities to bet on the children for their own amusement. However, one among them is determined to find her abducted son ... whatever the cost. Shane Bartlett, Justin Eslinger and Jon Reno of Bring Chase Productions also helped with the production of Nickel Children.

The featurettes include a spot with visual effects supervisor Justin Eslinger, who walks the viewer through a complex Nickel Children visual effects shot from concept to final vision. Director Kevin Eslinger also discusses in another spot the genesis of the award-winning sci-fi steampunk film. Stay tuned to Bring Chase Productions and Eslinger Film for more news about the upcoming release of the Nickel Children DVD.

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