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Co-Production Deal for Susan Nogues' debut film DAUGHTER


Bring Chase Productions recently partnered with first-time writer/director Susan Nogues and Executive Producer Miranda Megill to produce the independent feature film Daughter in the fall of 2012.

Shooting in Middle Tennessee and Los Angeles, the thriller/mystery concerns Kate Reynolds (musician/actress Amanda Dove), a leading celebrity reporter who lives the Hollywood dream--until everything comes crashing down. On a journey of self-discovery, Kate seeks out her parents’ childhood home in rural Tennessee. When she meets Hunter (Thashana McQuiston), the host of a local conspiracy theory television show and self-proclaimed expert on chupacabras, she learns that not everything is as it seems.

Director Susan Nogues and Executive Producer Miranda Megill teamed up to develop this compelling film in order to showcase strong female characters.

"This is an excellent opportunity for us at Bring Chase Productions," said Shane Bartlett. "After my daughter was born I became quite sensitive to the challenges women face in the work force, especially in the film business. Bring Chase Productions has several feature-length and episodic/short-format projects currently in development with believable roles specifically for female leads. We hope that partnering with Nogues and Megill will demonstrate to others that we are able to handle such material with care."

Daughter will also feature Noona Tilton, Mauricio Gargel, Eric Butler, as well as Jared Allman and Matt Riddlehoover of Scenes from a Gay Marriage.

Most of the budget is already in place, but in order to keep the project independent Nogues, Megill, and Bring Chase Productions are managing the gap through a crowdfunding campaign.

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