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In Aggression: Reviewed


Produced and written by Shane Bartlett (through the Riposte arm of Bring Chase Productions) and director Chase Kuertz of Golden Cinema, In Aggression is one of the first narrative short films to be shot on the Canon 5d Mark II.

Owing a great deal to the look of 1980's action films on VHS, and to the tone and pacing of Melville's Le Samouraï, In Aggression is the story of a middle-aged man who witnesses the murder of his estranged wife and must decide between being the loving father his grieving teenaged daughter needs or the avenger that he feels compelled to become.

... when someone takes violence and then tells me a story about the contemplation of it, rather than the gut reaction, then you've really got something. ·· Brian Morton, Rogue Cinema

In Aggression recently received favorable reviews from Film Rogue (including a podcast interview with director Chase Kuertz) and Rogue Cinema.

Shane Bartlett and Chase Kuertz are currently at work developing In Aggression into a larger project titled Hush. For inquiries, please contact: Shane Bartlett at 615.336.4223, or Chase Kuertz at 615.828.3479.

More information about In Aggression can be found at:

·· Golden Cinema

·· Riposte / Bring Chase

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