Nickel Children: DragonCon and Beyond


In a matter of months, the steampunk adventure short film Nickel Children, written and directed by Nashville filmmaker Kevin Eslinger and shot by Justin Eslinger and Shane Bartlett of Bring Chase Productions, has won the love of festivals and fans worldwide.

Festival appearances so far include Dragon*Con 2010, Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival, Chicago Horror Film Festival, Tri-Cities Independent Fan Film Festival, and the Bram Stoker International Film Festival--just to name a few. Nickel Children also recently won the award for Best Film at Halloween In July, and was accepted to the 2011 Renovation 69th World Sci-Fi Convention. The film was also enthusiastically reviewed by the up-and-coming Syzygy Network.

Set in a steampunk version of the dustbowl era, Nickel Children is about a young boy who witnesses the murder of his parents, and is then forced to survive in an illegal underground child fighting ring. Bartlett and Eslinger shot the short film using the Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 7D cameras, matched for look.

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