Sphere of Influence Trailer Premiere

Bring Chase Productions is set to release a trailer for Sphere of Influence, a psychological horror film shot on location throughout Cape Girardeau county in March of 2015. The trailer will premiere April 18th at Cape Comic Con located in the Osage Centre. An online release for the trailer is set for April 19th via the film's website www.sphereofinfluencemovie.com.

Shot at 4K resolution with a GoPro Hero4 Black, Sphere of Influence tells the story of Stacy Callum, a young girl who stumbles upon an old videotape filmed by a group of hikers who appear to meet a chilling end. As she investigates the truth behind the hikers' disappearance, Stacy’s search soon leads her down a dangerous path until, one day, something finds her instead.

Written and directed by Shane Bartlett, Sphere of Influence was produced by Jon Reno and Matt Schosser. Cast and crew were hired exclusively from the region.

Bring Chase Productions has a number of feature-length production credits, and a slate of films currently in development, including an adaptation of the novel The Bridge by Stan Crader, a native of Bollinger County, MO.

Sphere of Influence is being positioned to screen at film festivals late in 2015 and throughout 2016. All screening news will be announced here and via the film's website www.sphereofinfluencemovie.com

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