September 26, 2012 in Feature Films


HD. USA. 2013.

Thriller, Mystery

Kate Reynolds (musician/actress Amanda Dove) is a celebrity reporter living the Hollywood dream--until it all comes crashing down. On a journey of self-discovery, Kate seeks out her parents’ childhood home: a small town in Tennessee where maybe she can start over. When she meets Hunter (Thashana McQuiston), the host of a local conspiracy theory television show and self-proclaimed expert on chupacabras, she learns that not everything is as it seems.

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Cast: Amanda Dove, Thashana McQuiston, Noona Tilton, Mauricio Gargel, Eric Butler, Matt Riddlehoover, Jared Allman

Produced by: Miranda Megill in association with Bring Chase Productions

Director of Photography: Shane Bartlett

Written & Directed by: Susan Nogues

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