October 25, 2012 in Music Videos

Rembihnútur: A Life Story

Rembihnútur: Untie-able Knot.
"In the future, the computer will become nature, become man. We've already started this process. It is a certainty, a knot that cannot be untied."

Shane Bartlett's entry to the Sigur Rós Valtari Mystery Film Competition.

Shot with a custom/homemade macro lens that allows me to combine multiple focal planes into a single frame. No computer-generated effects (beyond general editing), no color correction; everything you see was made in the camera. This is my first real macro video, but I have been shooting stills like this for many years (Macro Photography Portfolio).

A conceptual film about a young computer that becomes a real boy. Contemplating the sun for the first time, he then questions whether he is human or machine.

See the Pinterest version here.

It's not uncommon for people in our fast-paced, media-saturated society to lose grip on reality and begin to wonder if we aren't all living in a complex simulation, as this NASA scientist discusses.


A naive young computer struggles with its basic existence. Suddenly, a flash of sunlight brings enlightenment. While all life needs water to begin, it also needs warmth, and sunlight travels to earth through freezing space, a trail of new life in its wake. Basic organisms fall to earth, scorching, some breaking through. Interacting with all that they contact. The new nature. The young computer integrates. Mutations. The young computer becomes a real boy, dreaming in the womb. Birth, pushing through, the mind expanding. The galaxy of the birth canal. Sunlight and warmth, a million miles through the cold. New organisms, unfrozen, plummeting. Repetition. Replication. For the first time, contemplating the sun. Blinking away sunspots rapidly reappearing. The pain of staring at the sun, so alive. Or am I just a computer, a simulation?

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