July 9, 2011 in Music Videos

The Grayces: Just Another Thing

Founding member Iz Stone heads the Nashville-based band The Grayces. Current members include Iz Stone (vocal/guitar), Gaelen Mitchell (drums) and Patrick Ward (bass). The Grayces are an all original rock band that pair a rock solid vocal with the fundamental rawness of the punk generation and have been compared but not limited to artists such as Gary Numan, The Ramones and The White Stripes.

Official music video, released April 14, 2011.

Copyright © 2011 The Grayces and Bring Chase Productions.


Produced by Bring Chase Productions.

Produced by: Shane Bartlett, Jon Reno

Director of Photography / Visual Effects: Justin Eslinger

Directed / Edited by: Jon Reno

NOW Records

Winner: Royal Reel Award 2012Canada International Film Festival.

Winner: Award of Excellence, and Best Song 2011 Los Angeles Movie Awards.

Winner: Best Music Video 2011 NYLA International Film Festival.

Winner: Favorite Music Video Award Fall 2011 ONECLOUDFEST

Honorable Mention Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival

Winner: Award of Merit 2011 The Accolade.

Winner: Gold Award 2011 JamFest.

Watch the promo for the Fall 2011 ONECLOUDFEST screening HERE.


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